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Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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    If you have cats, you know first hand how annoying it is that the whole cat litter is distributed around the litter box. As much as you love your cat, it can sometimes be really annoying to clean up the whole cat litter and keep the floor clean around it. 🙄

    The perfect solution! 👍🏻

    For this reason, the mat can easily be placed in front of or below the litter box and the whole cat litter easily catches. The mat consists of two layers. The top layer ensures that all the cat litter can be collected, while in the lower layer, the cat litter collects and can easily be disposed of or dumped back into the litter box.

    Available in three sizes
    Waterproof & non-slip
    Easy to clean
    Compatible with every cat litter
    Clean floor around the litter box
    Prevents the spread of bacteria
    Very high demand – Not available in stores!

    Size: Small 40 x 50cm, Medium 46 x 60cm, Large 55 x 70cm
    Small 15.7*19.6inch, Medium 18*23.6inch, Large 21.6*27.6inch

    40x50cm46x60cm Foldable55x70cm Foldable